💡 – General Information

What software can I connect with Exolink?

What is an API?

Can you also present me the function of Exolink?

Yes, we would be happy to present the functions and possibilities of Exolink to you in a personal video call. Here you can make an appointment with one of our Solution Managers.

What is meant by "instance power"?

⚙️ – Exolink Manager

What is the Exolink Manager?

How do I create an account?

How do I delete my account?

How do I change my user information?

How do I change my passwort?

Can I change the language in my Exolink Manager?

How can I set up 2-factor authentication?

How do I log out of the Manager?

🕹 – Exolink Designer

What is the Exolink Designer?

How do I start building a workflow in the Designer?

What do the individual tabs mean?

How can I arrange the individual tabs?

Is there a dark mode?

Can I change the language in my Exolink Designer?

What is the Apply button for?

How do I log out of Designer?

🧩 – Components

How do I activate a component?

How do I deactivate a component?

How do I delete a component?

The component is flashing, what do I have to do?
Can I change the colours of the components?

Where can I find an overview of all components?

Can I search for components?

What if the component I need is not available?

Is Exolink compatible with other components from other suppliers?

 🔗 – Workflow

What is a workflow?

What is the best way to build my workflow?

How do I import a workflow?

How do I export a Wokflow?

How do I create a new workflow?

How many flows can I build?

Can I copy a workflow?

How do I delete a workflow?

🔐 – Data Protection

What are the password requirements?

Where is my data stored?

Exolink runs on the AWS platform. The data is stored in the AWS regions Frankfurt and Stockholm. Feel free to contact us for more information: support@exolink.com

✉️ – Support

We will be happy to help you 😊

We get back to you as soon as possible.

✉️ support@exolink.com

Updated 16 May 2022
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