🚀 – Getting started with a sample workflow

You decided to start with a sample wokflow? Great choice!

We have stored the following sample workflows in our Designer:

  • Hello World A simple flow for beginners, which shows basic functionality of some components.
  • Autobahn A flow, which queries another API and display traffic warnings for the german Autobahn "A3" in a human-readable format.
  • HTTP Multiplier A flow, which can receive numbers from an HTTP request body and do some arithmetic operations with them.

⚙️ – Install sample workflow

Let us start with installing one of our sample workflows. On the subpages you will find a detailed description of the sample workflows.

1 . Open the settings menu and choose the item "templates".

Document image

2. Load one of the sample workflows (= templates) by clicking on import. Make sure that the Install missing components from CDN checkbox is ticked so that all the components you need for this workflow are installed. If you want your existing configuration to be completely deleted, then check the box for Clear current Flow with all tabs. Click Import or Close.

Document image

3 . After you have pressed apply in the top left-hand corner of the designer, your sample workflow is ready for use. 🚀

✉️ – Support

We will be happy to help you 😊

We get back to you as soon as possible.

✉️ support@exolink.com

Updated 02 Jun 2022
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